what is the difference between.

      <span class="icon-plus"></span>
        {{_ "New List"}}


      <span class="icon-plus"></span>
        New List 

I know usage of _ in js files but here _ is in html by the way both of them seem like working identical


{{_ ...}} calls the helper named _. As Denis stated if you've done meteor add tap:i18n then it would call the helper from the tap:i18n package.

You could also register a helper yourself. I've done this to give myself underscore access in templates:

Template.registerHelper('_', (method, arr) => _[method](arr));


These are unrelated.

_ in js usually references the http://underscorejs.org/ library.

_ in your html template likely references a helper installed by the https://github.com/TAPevents/tap-i18n package/library for internationalization.

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