I am getting started on C# and installed Microsoft blend for visual studio and my newproject window looks like below.New project window

I am looking for console application as shown in below screeshot,how do I get it? Console application


how do I launch visual studio IDE?



Just going along with what everyone else is saying, Visual Studio 2015 COMMUNITY EDITION is free to download and fully featured. Great tool, if anything it has too many uses. I believe it may even have most of the Visual Basic features built in.


  • I installed using the link you shared,however I dont see an optition to launch IDE,I attached a screenshot of it,can you please help on how to launch the IDE? – user5007670 May 18 '16 at 1:15
  • Did you download the software or just the dev tools? Did you install the IDE yet? It's a pretty big install. It should be outside of the VS tools folder if it is installed. I know from my own experience that if there were any previous VS versions on the machine when you try to install a new version, very strange things can happen... – AmishJohn81 May 19 '16 at 13:16

Use Visual Studio, not Blend, to create a new Console Application.

More info on Blend and it's uses.


Blend is an interface design tool and therefore can't be used to build console apps... Try Visual Studio Community instead.


From the Microsoft Blend Website:

Microsoft Expression Blend is a full-featured professional design tool for creating engaging and sophisticated user interfaces for Microsoft Windows

Which a console application is not; is has basically no UI. You should keep on using Visual Studio for console application.

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