I've setup some services and ingresses to try out the SSL termination. I had no problem at all with LoadBalancer and NodePort services as backend but it's not working at all with ClusterIP service.

Although the Ingress' backend is described as healthy, I get an HTTP error that do not come from my application.

$ kubectl describe ing nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
Name:           nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
Namespace:      default
Address:        X.X.X.X
Default backend:    nginx-cluster-svc:80 (...)
  ssl-certificate terminates
  Host  Path    Backends
  ----  ----    --------
  https-target-proxy:       k8s-tps-default-nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
  static-ip:            k8s-fw-default-nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
  target-proxy:         k8s-tp-default-nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
  url-map:          k8s-um-default-nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
  backends:         {"k8s-be-30825":"HEALTHY"}
  forwarding-rule:      k8s-fw-default-nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
  https-forwarding-rule:    k8s-fws-default-nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
  FirstSeen LastSeen    Count   From                SubobjectPath   Type        Reason  Message
  --------- --------    -----   ----                -------------   --------    ------  -------
  28m       28m     1   {loadbalancer-controller }          Normal      ADD default/nginx-cluster-ssl-ingress
  27m       27m     1   {loadbalancer-controller }          Normal      CREATE  ip: X.X.X.X

The HTTP error is the following:

$ curl http://X.X.X.X/
default backend - 404%

My question is quite simple: is it supposed to work with ClusterIP services? If it is supposed to as more or less written in the documentation, where should I have a look to resolve that issue?

Thank you!

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The native GKE Ingress controller do not support ClusterIP, only NodePort is working.

Non-native Ingress controllers such as the nginx one do work with ClusterIP services.


Nginx ingress controller on GKE works with ClusterIp. But the native GKE ingress controller does not as mentioned by @samuel-roze

So just use Nginx ingress like this:

kubernetes.io/ingress.class: nginx


If you are using GKE cluster and you use container-native load balancing (which is enabled by adding the cloud.google.com/neg: '{"ingress": true}' annotation in your ClusterIP services), then your GKE/GCE ingress can talk directly to the ClusterIP service, without needing it to be NodePort service.

Reference: https://cloud.google.com/kubernetes-engine/docs/concepts/ingress#:~:text=unless%20you%27re%20using%20container%20native%20load%20balancing

GKE auto-adds the cloud.google.com/neg: '{"ingress": true}' annotation if a set of conditions are true. Then you don't need to add this annotation manually to get container-native load balancing. Otherwise, you will need to add this annotation to get container-native load-balancing; which then enables your ingress to talk directly to the ClusterIP service.

Reference: https://cloud.google.com/kubernetes-engine/docs/concepts/ingress#:~:text=In%20these%20conditions%2C%20Services%20will%20be%20annotated%20automatically

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