I'm trying to write a set of mappings in vim to yank and put from the vim registers, but without having clipboard support (ie compiled with +clipboard). If not that, then it would be great to have a halfway solution.
So far, I've been able to yank text to cat, which prints it at the bottom of the screen for easy selection, but this only works linewise, so if I want to copy a part of a line, I have to cat the whole thing.

nnoremap <leader>Y V:w !cat<cr>
vnoremap <leader>y :w !cat<cr>

I'm wondering if there was some way to use registers, and paste the register contents into cat?


If you have xclip installed, or some equivalent interface to the system clipboard, then you can use:

nnoremap <leader>Y V""Y:call system('xclip -i', @")<cr>
vnoremap <leader>y ""y:call system('xclip -i', @")<cr>

Which will yank directly to the system clipboard. You can then use:

nnoremap <leader>p :let @" = system('xclip -o')<cr>""p

To put from the clipboard.

If you want to stick with the display-for-selection method, you can use:

nnoremap <leader>Y V""Y:echo @"<cr>
vnoremap <leader>Y V""Y:echo @"<cr>
vnoremap <leader>y ""y:echo @"<cr>

This will yank to the standard yank register, then put its contents into a window at the bottom of the screen, in the same way as what you have, but with character precision. There is also:

:echo system('cat', @")

Which is basically a long winded form of :echo @". It simply means, call the system command 'cat', then pipe it the contents of the " register. Note that it isn't being passed as command-line parameters, which would look like :echo system('cat ' . @").

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