I want to install PIL in python, but it seems I can't install the module correctly, is there anything that can solve the problem? (My python version is 2.7)

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Try installing Pillow, I was facing the same problem and then I figured out that PIL can be installed using the following.

pip install Pillow
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    technically it's Pillow, not PIL. Pillow forked from PIL, which is no longer being maintained, iirc. – Marcel Wilson May 19 '16 at 17:43

Find your Python path:

which python

You can install it from IDE itself or Project Settings:

Settings | Project | Project Interpreter | Select the right path, Click + and add pil Library

You can install from there. For me 1.1.7 worked in Pycharm 5.0.4 in OSX Python 2.7.10. Other alternatives is via CLI or Pillow

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or from within pycharm terminal "pip install pillow"

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