I'm creating website with React + React-Router and React-redux. This is my store and reducer:

const defaultState = {
    posts: [{key:0, title: 'Default post', text: 'Every visitor is welcome!'}]

const store = createStore(
    (state = defaultState, action) => {
        switch(action.type) {
                return state;

i don't have any action yet, i will add it later. however, back to the point, this is App Component which is entry point of React App.

const App = React.createClass({
    render() {

        return (
                <h1>React Router + Redux Blog</h1>

                    <li><IndexLink to="/">Main</IndexLink></li>
                    <li><Link to="/about">About</Link></li>
                    <li><Link to="/posts">Posts</Link></li>


and this App component will connect with Redux-Router's connect method:

const ConnectedApp = connect( (state) => {
    return {
        posts: state.posts

now, the last, i will give Router component instead of ConnectedApp inside of Provider, and use ConnectedApp as index component.

    <Provider store={store}>
        <Router history={browserHistory}>
            <Route path="/" component={ConnectedApp}>
                <IndexRoute component={Main} />
                <Route path="about" component={About} />
                <Route path="posts" component={Posts} >
                    <IndexRoute component={PostsMain} posts={[]} />
                    <Route path="write" component={PostsWrite} />

now, this is the problem. i want to send Redux Store states into sub component(PostsMain or PostsWrite) as Props, but i don't know how to pass it. every sub component might be rendered is decided by React Router, and each component doesn't have any stored state by Redux.

I saw some modules like React-Router-Redux, Redux-Router, but I want to do it without them. If someone knows how to do it, please gimme advice and that will be very appreciated.


If you want some components in your tree to receive Redux's state data, you have to make them "container components" by using React-Redux library’s connect() function.

For example, you could write a "PostsMain" container like this:

import { connect } from 'react-redux';
import PostsMainComponent from '../components/posts_main_component.jsx';

const mapStateToProps = (state) => {
    return {
        // the desired props calculated from the store's state, for example:
        posts: state.posts,

const PostsMainContainer = connect(

export default PostsMainContainer;

Then use it in your routes declaration like this:

<IndexRoute component={PostsMainContainer} />

You'll find detailed information about container components in Redux's doc and this post by Dan Abramov.

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