I've encountered a strange problem while integrating the ASP.NET version of CKFinder 3 on my site. I'm creating a modal instance to select a file to populate the value of a field but, instead of the expected URL of "/uploads/images/path/to/image.ext" using getUrl() when the files:choose event is fired, I am instead getting the following URL returned to me and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why or how to fix it.


If it's relevant, the backend info for my "uploads" directory in "Web.config" looks like this:

<backend name="default" adapter="local" useProxyCommand="true">
    <option name="root" value="../../../uploads" />
    <option name="baseUrl" value="/uploads/" />

And then the JavaScript I'm using to create the modal instance and listen for the files:choose event goes like this (the field I'm trying to populate is the previous sibling of the button used to create the modal):

    var field=this.previousSibling;

UPDATE: The same thing is also happening when I add CKFinder to CKEditor.


To use direct URL-s you need to disable the proxy command feature: simply set useProxyCommand="false" in backend configuration, or completely remove this attribute. This option defines whether links to files should be direct, or files should be served by connector.


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