I want to develop an android application without having to purchase an android phone,

1) Is there an android emulator on the mac? the same as on windows?

2) is it better to develop on an android app on a pc, or a mac? same?

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The Android SDK runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and includes an emulator for development. You can also develop using Eclipse on Mac OS X if you want, using the ADT plugin.

Whether or not it's "better" is probably a matter of opinion. You have the same tools on all platforms, but drivers and such are a little different on each. However, if you're just using the emulator, then it would probably be about the same on all three. I've found that developing on Linux and Windows is essentially the same, but since I prefer Linux environments, that's what I use.

As side note, if it interests you, the emulator in the SDK is based on QEMU.


Try this one: Droid.app helps making install android sdk on your osx system.


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