I wonder how can I check if two users (user_id) are in the same thread (thread_id) without passing the (thread_id) using SQL, through the structure of the table below.

enter image description here

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To get all threads where those 2 users are in you can do

select thread_id
from your_table
where user_id in (1,2)
group by thread_id
having count(distinct user_id) = 2

To get all threads that have more than one user do

select thread_id
from your_table    
group by thread_id
having count(distinct user_id) >= 2
  • juergen, Thanks for your help! =) I think I found a problem, how do I know which user it will have to put in distinct because as below, the SQL would not work. select * from participant_thread where user_id in (2, 3) group by thread_id having count(distinct user_id) = 3 – Michel Andrade May 19 '16 at 13:57
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    Put the number of users you put into the where clause. if your have where user_id in (1,3,7,9) then use having count(distinct user_id) = 4 – juergen d May 19 '16 at 13:59
  • Ow! Sorry! You are right! Thank you =) – Michel Andrade May 19 '16 at 14:01

I didn't understand very well what you wanted but as I understand it , I assume that this is.

select thread_id, COUNT(thread_id) AS dup_count  from participant_thread as participant
GROUP BY thread_id
HAVING (COUNT(thread_id) > 1) 

result scrypt

select thread_id, user_id
from thread.thread_table
where thread_id in (
    select thread_id
    from thread.thread_table
    group by thread_id
    having count(user_id) > 1

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