I'm trying to build my cordova but I'm behind a corporate proxy and i'm getting some errors:

What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring root project 'android'.

Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':_armv7DebugCompile'.

Could not resolve org.xwalk:xwalk_core_library:15+. Required by: :android:unspecified

Failed to list versions for org.xwalk:xwalk_core_library.

Unable to load Maven meta-data from http://download.01.org/crosswalk/releases/crosswalk/android/maven2/org/xwalk/xwalk_core_library/maven-metadata.xml.

Could not GET 'http://download.01.org/crosswalk/releases/crosswalk/android/maven2/org/xwalk/xwalk_core_library/maven-metadata.xml'.

peer not authenticated

I had to change the maven stuff in my build.gradle to fix some errors for building cordova

Anyone got a clue on how to get it to work? I tried different versions of the xwalk library

Note:I have a fiddler running that can get trough the proxy


You should update the Crosswalk plugin. The maven2 repository of Crosswalk doesn's use http anymore. And the latest version is xwalk_core_library:18+

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