How can I wait for a hidden element to appear on the page?

I tried seleum.is_element_present but it dosent seem to be working.


What you want is the is_visible method. Below will wait for 30 seconds to become visible

!30.times{ break if (@selenium.is_visible("locator") rescue false); sleep 1 }

wait_for_element(locator, options={})

Wait for an element to be present (the wait in happenning browser side).

  • present means it exists in the DOM, it doesn't mean it's visible – Marc Seeger Mar 21 '11 at 10:59

Came across the same problem using Watir, present? only works if element is visible. To wait for an invisible element to appear you can do this in Watir

Watir::Wait.until { browser.div(:class => "loaded").exists? }

exists? returns true if element is in the DOM, doesn't care about visibility

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