enter image description here it happens on each every page . I have no idea about this error. Any help?

  • Seems that the database got updated but DLLs did not. Can you check versions of assemblies in your bin folder? Are they 9.*? Can you also turn on debug in your web.config and show us your stack trace (to see where is the error coming from)? Or, if it happens only on live site, follow Brenden's answer...
    – rocky
    May 20, 2016 at 14:08

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The column SiteName was removed in v9. Here's an article talking about it. Here are the release notes for v9. So you'll have to log into the Admin site and to to Page Templates and modify your listing repeaters in there to remove the SiteName column.


What you can do to get a list of templates which have SiteName is to run a SQL script like so:

SELECT * FROM CMS_PageTemplate WHERE PageTemplateWebParts like '%sitename%'

This will give you a list of templates which have webparts that the property or value of SiteName in them.


Did your database upgrade show any errors? Maybe check your version in the database vs your site structure and see if they match. I think just from the looks of it, your database upgrade didn't complete or had an issue. You could try rolling back to your backup and reupgrading maybe by running the upgrade query on your database.

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    Unfortunately, I don't believe this is correct at all because as I stated in my answer the release notes specifically state the SiteName column was removed in v9. Rolling back and running the upgrade is only busy work. The OP needs to go through the templates and update his properties. May 21, 2016 at 14:04

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