I'm writing a PowerPoint content addin using Office.js API. I need to obtain PPTX file right after user enters Slide Show mode (see bottom of this post for why I need it).

I'm doing this using Document.getFileAsync API, as described in the docs. The problem is that it doesn't work in Slide Show mode in PowerPoint Online.

That is, the file gets successfully obtained in all following cases:

  • Desktop PowerPoint 2016, Design ("edit") mode;
  • Desktop PowerPoint 2016, Slide Show ("read") mode;
  • PowerPoint Online, Design ("edit") mode.

However, PowerPoint Online in Slide Show ("read") mode returns an error with message "An internal error has occurred" as a result of Document.getFileAsync call.

Is this a bug or intended behavior? What can I do to obtain the file in Slide Show mode in PowerPoint Online?

I need to obtain PPTX file because uncompressing and parsing it seems to be the only way to determine index of the slide that contains the particular addin. See my other related question. I need to do this in Slide Show mode because, in Design mode, user can re-order slides any time, and the addin doesn't know if and when it happened; also, addin might be initialized only in Slide Show mode, e.g. when user opens the presentation and enters Slide Show mode right away.

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