Is there a way to specify the name of the aop.xml file with LTW? or define another name and location? I have several software modules that I use and that all use META-INF/aop.xml with different settings. I include these modules in a web application and then it all dependens how it's deployed/unpacked, which aop.xml file is used .. So I discovered after long time of searching that not all LTW weaving toke place correcting as it depends with aop.xml was used ...

Basically I need to use both aop.xml files, kinda of merging both contents of the aop.xml files...

How to do this? Ed

  • Are the aop.xml files Spring Configuration files? – Ralph Jan 28 '11 at 14:19

When using AspectJ you can use the system property org.aspectj.weaver.loadtime.configuration to point to another config file. For example:

-D org.aspectj.weaver.loadtime.configuration=META-INF/myaop.xml
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    -Dorg.aspectj.weaver.loadtime.configuration=file:META-INF/myaop.xml # – o_nix Jan 10 '13 at 11:01

Duplicate of Load time weaving in AspectJ using aop.xml.

Furthermore, the AspectJ documentation says:

When several configuration files are visible from a given weaving class loader their contents are conceptually merged.

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