How do I get a checkbox to show as "indeterminate" when unchecked in Materialize ?


<input type="checkbox" id="test" checked/>
<label for="test" id="test-label">Red</label>


$('#test-label').click(function() {
    var checkbox = $(this).prev();
    if (!$(checkbox).is(':checked'))
        $(checkbox).prop('indeterminate', true);



It should be indeterminate instead of intermediate. You probably got confused due to their similar spellings.

$('#test').click(function() {
    if (!$(this).is(':checked'))
        $(this).prop('indeterminate', true);
  • That's right ! I didn't know you could just apply it to the checkbox, I thought you had to apply it to the label. Thanks a lot ! – user5365075 May 22 '16 at 19:49

Two things are important to achieve this:

  1. Prevent the default handler
  2. When setting the indeterminate state, you also have to disable the checked state, otherwise though the checkbox appears as intermediate, $(chk).prop('checked') will still be true.


$('#check-label').click(function(e) {

    var chk = $("#test");

    if ($(chk).prop( "checked" )) {
        $(chk).prop( "indeterminate" , true );
        $(chk).prop( "checked" , false );
    } else {
        $(chk).prop( "checked" , true );
        $(chk).prop( "indeterminate" , false );


or even more elegant:

$('#check-label').click(function(e) {

    var chk = $("#test");

    $(chk).prop("checked", !$(chk).prop("checked"));
    $(chk).prop("indeterminate", !$(chk).prop("checked"));


See the working fiddle.

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