I would like to display 3-D models of building interiors in my iPhone application, but they are in Wavefront OBJ format. Is there an open source implementation of a Wavefront OBJ loader that I could use within my application?

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Both Bill Dudney and Jeff LaMarche have implementations of Wavefront OBJ loaders for the iPhone that you should be able to drop into your project. Note, however, that Jeff LaMarche's implementation no longer works on iOS5, is no longer actively developed, and was never intended as production code.

Additionally, since I originally wrote this, Jonathan Wight has released his TouchOpenGL code, which includes an OBJ loader.

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    Thanks, Brad. I tried Jeff LaMarche's implementation, but my model looked awful; triangles in mesh appearing and disappearing. I guess I need to dust off my Foley and Van Damm text...... – Jacko Sep 18 '10 at 1:16

Note: I'm the author of this framework.

Rend, my Objective-C based OpenGL ES 2.0 framework contains an Wavefront OBJ loader. The class is called REWavefrontMesh.

http://github.com/antonholmquist/rend-ios/blob/master/Classes/REWavefrontMesh.h http://github.com/antonholmquist/rend-ios/blob/master/Classes/REWavefrontMesh.m

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