I'm trying to implement an API for a Roboter using Python. The Roboter has an amount ot motor objects, which are implemented in the class Motor. There's a funkction called moveMotor which runes in a thread.

""" Motor Class """
class Motor:

    def __init__(self, motor_id):
        @param motor_id: Motor Identity
        @type motor_id: int
        self.__motor_id = motor_id
        self.__motorState = "r"

        def moveMotor(self):
            thread = MotorThread(self)

        def run(self):      
        print("Motor starts...")
        i = 0
        while(i < 3):

My Problem is, that I cannot find a possibility to implement a lock or a semaphore, which denies access only, when one specific Motor is in use. So when Motor 1 moves the Motor, Motor 2 can move the Motor, too. But if there is another Thread calling Motor 1 to move, it has to wait.

I tried it with lock = threading.Lock() and lock = threading.Semaphore() in the Motor Class and in the MotorThread Class, and acquired and released, yeah since now really everywhere, to test. But I couldn't find a solution.

Thank you, I hope someone can help me.

  • A instance lock on the motor class will work just fine.
    – Voo
    May 22, 2016 at 14:15


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