Need help to extract hyper link of each product (like Philadelphia: One Liberty Observation Deck ) from below page :


I have applied general approach like :

url <- "http://www.viator.com/search/Philadelphia"
doc <- htmlParse(url)
links <- xpathSApply(doc, "//a/@href") 

but I am getting error. I am looking for output data frame like

product1: Philadelphia: One Liberty Observation Deck 
link1 : "https://www.getyourguide.com/philadelphia-l60/philadelphia-one-liberty-observation-deck-t61908/"

product2 : Philadelphia Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour Tickets
link2 : "https://www.getyourguide.com/philadelphia-l60/philadelphia-hop-on-hop-off-bus-tour-t47403/"

Again, I am very new to all that is programming, so any help or code snippets will be greatly appreciated.

  • What error are you getting? If possible, edit it into your question so someone can help find out what went wrong. – Scott Swezey May 22 '16 at 21:10

these links you are looking for are not in the code of the source page, They are loaded with javascript from JSON file which you can see here https://www.getyourguide.com/s/search.json?q=Philadelphia.

try this code you should get vector of links

links<-xpathSApply(parsed,path = "//a",xmlGetAttr,"href")
  • Thank you so much.. – anindya May 23 '16 at 10:07

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