How do I reload the content sitting under <ion-content> tag when back button is pressed?


Just use a View Lifecycle Hook in the view you are going back you have to use for example:

onPageWillEnter() {
      // You can execute what you want here and it will be executed right before you enter the view

Or you use a lifecycle hook on the page you are leaving then just replace onPageWillEnter() with onPageWillLeave()

With ionic beta 8 the lifecylcle events changed their names. Check out the official ionic blog for the full list of the lifecycle events.

  • Excellent! I need to read the documentation of ionic! =) – Coder Absolute May 23 '16 at 2:06

The answer which is there is correct, however, it is outdated. Here is the updated answer.

Link to the Life Cycle just scroll down and you should see it.


  ionViewWillEnter() {
         console.log('Runs when the page is about to enter and become the active page.');

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