i want to update data in bulk i have over 50 rows to be updated in an array of objects in node JS. something like https://github.com/felixge/node-mysql and How do I do a bulk insert in mySQL using node.js

var updateData=[ 
    {a: '15',b: 1,c: '24',d: 9,e: 1,f: 0,g: 0,h: 5850,i: 78 },
    {a: '12',b: 1,c: '21',d: 9,e: 1,f: 0,g: 0,h: 55,i: 78 },
    {a: '13',b: 1,c: '34',d: 9,e: 1,f: 0,g: 0,h: 58,i: 78 },
    {a: '14',b: 1,c: '45',d: 9,e: 1,f: 0,g: 0,h: 585,i:78 },
    {a: '16',b: 1,c: '49',d: 9,e: 1,f: 0,g: 0,h: 85,i: 78 } 
my query is : update table set a= updateData.a ,b= updateData.b ,c = updateData.c , d==updateData.d ,e=updateData.e,f=updateData.f where e=updateData.e

As of I know, there is no direct way to do bulk update records in mySQL. But there is a work around for this - You could execute multiple insert statements and then execute the query to achieve the desired result.

To do this, while creating a connection allow it to execute multiple statements as it is disabled by default.

var connection = mysql.createConnection({
          host     : dbConfig.host,
          user     : dbConfig.user,
          password : dbConfig.password,
          database : dbConfig.database,
          multipleStatements: true

Then, construct the bulk update query in the below syntax by manipulating the inputs you have.

Query1; Query2; Query3;

Say, for Instance,

 update table set a='15', b=1, c='24', d=9, e=1, f=0, g=0, h=5850, i=78;update table set a='12', b=1, c='21', d=9, e=1, f=0, g=0, h=5850, i=78;

Then, execute the query as usual,

connection.query(sqlQuery, params, callback);

Hope this helps.


You can accomplish this by enabling the multiple statements feature in your mysql connection. Then you can loop through your updateData and construct mysql statements separated by a ';'. You can see an example of this in this answer.

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