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How to calculate price and quantity. I don't want to remove currency type. The price is php generated so i just want to show a calculated price when update quantity using jquery or javascript. Thank you.

Here is working demo :

$('input[name=\'quantity\']').on('change keyup click', function() {
	var price = $('.price').text().substr(1);
  var quantity =  $('.quantity').val();
  $('.total').text(price * quantity);
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
Total : <span class="total">$50.00</span></br>
Price : <span class="price">$50.00</span></br>
<input name="quantity" class="quantity" value="1" />

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  • So your issue is that you're losing the $ when you make a change? – j08691 May 24 '16 at 20:29
  • Yes and also .00 not showing on calculated price. – protik May 24 '16 at 20:31

You can get the currency with a substring function:

var currency = $('.price').text().substr(0, 1);

...and then add it to the text function:

$('.total').text(currency + (price * quantity).toFixed(2)); // Adds $ and .00 decimals

Full code:

$('input[name=\'quantity\']').on('change keyup click', function() {
  var price = $('.price').text().substr(1);
  var currency = $('.price').text().substr(0, 1);
  var quantity = $('.quantity').val();

  $('.total').text(currency + (price * quantity).toFixed(2));

  • I don't want to add that manually. That is php generated and i have other currencies so Any other way?? – protik May 24 '16 at 20:38
  • @protik changed my answer to automatically fetch the currency from the .price span. Would that work? – jehna1 May 24 '16 at 20:42
  • Thanks it's better. – protik May 24 '16 at 20:44

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