Issue: In a particular webpage i want to wait for a particular element and then perform operation on that element.

Code Used:

    //Official webapp URL

    // variable to get the particular element
    var userNameDisplayedOnHomePageField = element(by.css('[ng-if="authSrv.getUserName()"]'));

    //function to wait for the element and return the element availability
    this.isLoggedIn = function(){ 
    return userNameDisplayedOnHomePageField.isDisplayed();

Expected Result: It should return the element availability either true or false

Actual Result: Getting below error message, not sure why is this..

TypeError: WebElementCondition did not resolve to a WebElement: [object Object]

Screenshotenter image description here

A Selenium condition cannot resolve a Protractor ElementFinder.

You could use a protractor.ExpectedConditions instead of a protractor.until condition:

var EC = protractor.ExpectedConditions;
var button = element(by.css("..."));
browser.wait(EC.visibilityOf(button), 1000);;

You could also use a Selenium element with a Selenium condition:

var until = protractor.until;
var button = browser.findElement(by.css("..."));

browser.wait(until.elementIsVisible(button), 1000).then(function(button){;

And a another way would be to get the WebElement from the ElementFinder:

var until = protractor.until;
var button = element(by.css("..."));

browser.wait(until.elementIsVisible(button.getWebElement()), 1000).then(function(button){;
  • thanks @Florent B. – SomeshKumar N May 25 '16 at 7:43
  • But when i use your another way (like below) i am getting the same error. var until = protractor.until; browser.wait(until.elementIsVisible(by.css("...")), 1000).then(function(button){; }); – SomeshKumar N May 25 '16 at 7:43
  • My bad, the until.elementIsVisible works only with a web element and not a locator. I've fixed the code example. – Florent B. May 25 '16 at 8:03

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