I have a QTableView as shown below:

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I want to remove all the vertical lines from the table. I tried to set the gridline-color property equivalent to the background-color, but it removed all the grid lines.

I want the horizontal grid lines to stay, and remove the vertical ones. How can I achieve that ?

  • which part of the code?? – Gadheyan .t.s May 25 '16 at 6:38
  • table and it's style properties. – Pons Purushothaman May 25 '16 at 6:41
  • table is created in qt creator. you have only the xml code in qt...and i haven't defined any style property yet.... – Gadheyan .t.s May 25 '16 at 6:45


class QLineDelegate : public QStyledItemDelegate
    QLineDelegate(QTableView* tableView);

    void paint(QPainter* painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem& option, const QModelIndex& index) const;

    QPen pen;
    QTableView* view;


QLineDelegate::QLineDelegate(QTableView* tableView)
    int gridHint = tableView->style()->styleHint(QStyle::SH_Table_GridLineColor, new QStyleOptionViewItemV4());
    QColor gridColor = static_cast<QRgb>(gridHint);
    pen = QPen(gridColor, 0, tableView->gridStyle());
    view = tableView;

void QLineDelegate::paint(QPainter* painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem& option,const QModelIndex& index)const
    QStyledItemDelegate::paint(painter, option, index);
    QPen oldPen = painter->pen();

    //draw verticalLine
    //painter->drawLine(option.rect.topRight(), option.rect.bottomRight());

    //draw horizontalLine
    //painter->drawLine(option.rect.bottomLeft(), option.rect.bottomRight());
    //above code, line have breakpoint, the following code can solve it well 

    QPoint p1 = QPoint(itemOption.rect.bottomLeft().x()-1,itemOption.rect.bottomLeft().y());
    QPoint p2 = QPoint(itemOption.rect.bottomRight().x()+1,itemOption.rect.bottomRight().y());
    painter->drawLine(p1, p2);


tableView->setItemDelegate(new QLineDelegate(tableView));

You can't. There is no option for QTableView to do that.

However, you can do something like setting gridline-color property to background-color (like you did) and then setting a border to all the items of your QTableView; as you want only the horizontal grid lines, it will look like this :

    border-top : 1px solid black
    border-bottom : 1px solid black

Use setStyleSheet() with QTableView and inside that give border-right-color and border-left-color to the color that you gave for gridline-color.

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