I am checking for a value in a array using lodash _.some function. but its case sensitive. Is there any function for case insensitive search in lodash? Below is my sample array structure

    "Name": "Division 1",
    "ParentName": null
    "Name": "Division 2",
    "ParentName": null

using lodash I am checking like this

_.some(divisionList, ['Name', divisionname]);
  • since you have not included lodash tag, will the normal js solution work for you? May 25 '16 at 11:36
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You can pass a function to _.some where you compare the name in case insensitive way, for example:

_.some(divisionList, function(division) {
  return division.Name.toLowerCase() === divisionName;

The "native" javascript (ES6) solution using Array.some() function (as an alternative):

var divisionName = "division 2",  // for example
    hasDivision = divisionList.some((obj) => obj["Name"].toLowerCase() === divisionName);

console.log(hasDivision);  // true

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