I currently have a method that executes other python scripts by using subprocess calls, I was wondering if there was anyway I could time how long it takes for this to complete? The scripts are running in an interval, what I want to achieve from this is to check whether the scripts finish within that interval.

def execute_scripts(script_name):
    process = sp.Popen(['python2.7', script_name])
    print 'executing - ' + script_name

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Use timeit to time the execution of small bits of code.

import time

You need to use subprocess.call to block until the call is finished.

import timeit
import subprocess as sp

def execute_scripts(script_name):
    process = sp.call(['python2.7', script_name])
    print 'executing - ' + script_name

t = timeit.Timer("execute_scripts('sleep2.py')", setup="from __main__ import execute_scripts")

print 'time taken : %f seconds' % t.timeit(1)

executing - sleep2.py
time taken : 2.032273 seconds

Alternatively, you can generalise this by writing a decorator to time any function call

import time
import  subprocess as sp

def timed_execution(function):
    def wrapper(arg):
        t1 = time.time()
        t2 = time.time()
        return 'time taken : %f seconds' % (t2 - t1) + "\n"
   return wrapper

def execute_scripts(script_name):
    sp.call(['python2.7', script_name])
    print 'executing - ' + script_name

print execute_scripts('sleep2.py')

executing - sleep2.py
time taken : 2.025291 seconds

Do you need the program to keep running while the scripts are executing? If not, you can block your program execution until the process finishes and report the time it took:

def execute_scripts(script_name):
    time_start = time.time()
    print "starting process"
    process = sp.call(['python2.7', script_name])
    print 'finished process %s in %s s" % (process, time.time() - start_time)

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