I am trying to adjust the x and y position of my custom label. Is this possible? I haven't come across any documentation regarding this issue as of yet.

numberMarkerImg = {
    url: '../images/mobile/map-marker.png',
    size: new google.maps.Size(32, 38),
    scaledSize: new google.maps.Size(32, 38)

// Letter markers
marker = new google.maps.Marker({
    position : point,
    map      : map,
    icon     : numberMarkerImg,
    draggable: false,
    labelClass: "labels",
    label: {
        text: saved_label,
        color: 'black',
        fontSize: '12px',
        x: '200',
        y: '100'

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"labelOrigin" ended up having to to be passed in since I am using a custom marker.

   numberMarkerImg = {
        url: '../images/mobile/map-marker.png',
        size: new google.maps.Size(32, 38),
        scaledSize: new google.maps.Size(32, 38),
        labelOrigin: new google.maps.Point(9, 9)

Google Maps API v3 doesn't let you set MarkerLabel position, there're no x and y options.

The doc also says:

If you are using it with a custom marker, you can reposition it with the labelOrigin property in the Icon class.

As I can see you're using custom marker so maybe this is the way to go for you.

Alternatively, have a look at MarkerWithLabel. Is an extension to the default Marker object with more options available. Small demo: http://jsfiddle.net/LLd4drvx/239/.

  • Thanks Martin! I ended up using "labelOrigin: new google.maps.Point(9, 9)"
    – user992731
    May 25, 2016 at 16:15

Another option I don't see mentioned here. You can set a CSS class for the label, then set the position using CSS. First, add className to the label:

label: {
    text: saved_label,
    color: 'black',
    fontSize: '12px',
    className: 'marker-position',

And for the CSS:

.marker-position {
    bottom: 6px;
    left: 0;
    position: relative;
  • This is the solution I need. Thank Will!
    – Alex Huynh
    Mar 23 at 4:47

For v3, you can use it like this. The blue pointer shown in the picture is an icon I use as svg. with the appropriate label position for this icon.

  iconSVG = {
    path: `M13.04,41.77c-0.11-1.29-0.35-3.2-0.99-5.42c-0.91-3.17-4.74-9.54-5.49-10.79c-3.64-6.1-5.46-9.21-5.45-12.07
    fillColor: '#0084ff',
    fillOpacity: 1,
    strokeColor: '#ffffff',
    strokeWeight: 1,
    anchor: new google.maps.Point(14, 43),
    labelOrigin: new google.maps.Point(13.5, 15)

This sequence is a faster way to find the right position. size, anchor, labelOrigin

enter image description here

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