I followed this tutorial to try install maven on my Remote Centos server


I got /opt/maven when calling echo $MAVEN_HOME

And got


When calling echo $PATH

But when I call mvn -version It says:

-bash: mvn: command not found

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    Try running export PATH=$PATH:/opt/maven. Then try mvn -version. – Ethan Strider May 26 '16 at 1:57

Because you setup environment variables incorrectly. Try this section carefully: Setup Maven environment variable in your tutorial what you have been seen.


First download latest version from :

> http://maven.apache.org/
> go to download
> download apache-maven-3.5.0-src.tar.gz

Execute following commands :

> sudo tar xzf apache-maven-3.5.0-src.tar.gz -C /opt
> cd /opt
> Create symlink
    sudo ln -s apache-maven-3.5.0 maven

Next, set up Maven path system-wide :

> sudo gedit /etc/profile.d/maven.sh
> export M2_HOME = /opt/maven
> export PATH = ${M2_HOME}/bin:${PATH}

Finally, log out and log in again to activate the above environment variables. To verify the successful installation of maven, check the version of maven::

mvn -version

Apache Maven 3.5.4 (1edded0938998edf8bf061f1ceb3cfdeccf443fe; 2018-06-18T00:03:14+05:30) Maven home: /opt/maven Java version: 1.8.0_45, vendor: Oracle Corporation, runtime: /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_45/jre Default locale: en_US, platform encoding: UTF-8 OS name: "linux", version: "3.10.0-862.11.6.el7.x86_64", arch: "amd64", family: "unix"

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