I have a pickle file using .txt format. I want to load this pickle file with python 2.7. The size is 438.5 MB. This is how I load data :

def readpickle(path="C:/Python27/Lib/site-packages/xy/"):
with open(path+"filenamereal2.txt","rb") as f:
    model = pickle.load(f)

return model

And I get this error

    itemmodelreal=readpickle(path="C:/Users/Lab Komputasi/Documents/estu/") 
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<ipython-input-33-265e46f74915>", line 1, in <module>
    itemmodelreal=readpickle(path="C:/Users/Lab Komputasi/Documents/estu/")

  File "<ipython-input-31-fbd3e8b9e043>", line 3, in readpickle
    model = pickle.load(f)

  File "C:\Users\Lab Komputasi\Anaconda2\lib\pickle.py", line 1384, in load
    return Unpickler(file).load()

  File "C:\Users\Lab Komputasi\Anaconda2\lib\pickle.py", line 864, in load

  File "C:\Users\Lab Komputasi\Anaconda2\lib\pickle.py", line 886, in load_eof
    raise EOFError


this is the code that i use to write pickle :

 with open("filenamereal3.txt", "wb") as f:
    pickle.dump(result, f)

I have used read binary ('rb') to load and write binary ('wb') to write, but it's still have that error. Do you have any idea why it's still error? how can i solve this error?

Thank you for your help....

  • We can't see which file you're unpickling, are you sure it's the correct one? And are you really opening it in rb mode? Would be nice if we could see the code you use for unpickling. – Aran-Fey May 26 '16 at 3:51
  • @Rawing sorry, i have edited it now – estu May 26 '16 at 4:30
  • You're dumping to filenamereal3 but loading filenamereal2? – Aran-Fey May 26 '16 at 6:09
  • Though might not be your case, EOFError can also occur when you are trying to read an empty file. – zyy Apr 11 at 12:48

To load data, wouldn't you want to be reading data ("rb") instead of writing data ("wb")?

Loading data should look like this:

 with open("C:/Users/Lab Komputasi/Documents/estu/filenamereal1.txt", "rb") as f:
     data = pickle.load(f)

Also, using f.close() is unnecessary because you are using a with/as clause.

  • thx for your advice but i have used that code without f.close() but it was an error about valueerror i/o operation on closed file so I was suggested to use it. But after the eror was solved. The code has an EOFError – estu May 26 '16 at 4:26
  • @estu Then I don't know how to solve the problem! Your code looks perfectly fine. Make sure your file is not damaged/corrupt. Also, you can read up on the documentation on End-of-File error, and make sure whatever you are pickling is pickle-able. – Neil Chowdhury o_O May 27 '16 at 2:14

I encountered the same error while loading a big file dumped in highest protocol.

This seems to be a bug of the pickle library. I solved it using cPickle instead.

import cPickle as pickle

Make sure your pickle file is not empty, e.g. if you pickle an uninitialized variable.

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