I am trying to import multiple sheets in one Google Sheet into another Google workbook. I can get ImportRange to work for one sheet but how do I use it for multiple sheets, or alternatively, how do I combine multiple ImportSheets in one column?

    "'Kramerville KH'!d5:o1000"))

I want to be able to add another range to that, e.g. 'Emalahleni KH'!d5: o1000.


Use formula:


The result is two imports one behind another, see more info here.

There's no better way to do this. Alternative is to combine formula as text and then convert string into furmula using script. See how in this question.


Although the existing answer has been accepted the question appears to require exclusion of duplicates not only from within each range but also across ranges:

=unique({unique(importrange(" l i n k ","'Kramerville KH'!d5:o1000"));unique(importrange(" l i n k ","'Emalahleni KH'!d5:o1000"))})

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