I have a list of objects from which I extract the booleans and want to apply the AND operation on them. Is there a better (or more concise) way to do this?

final boolean[] result = {true};
someList.stream().map(o -> o.getBooleanMember()).forEach(b -> result = result && b);

You can use reduce :

boolean result = someList.stream().map(o -> o.getBooleanMember()).reduce(true,(a,b)->a&&b);

If you have org.apache.commons in your dependencies you can use the class from the mutable package:


Then you can modify this value inside your anonymous functions(lambdas) like this:

    List<YourClass> someList = new ArrayList<>();
    MutableBoolean result = new MutableBoolean(true);
    someList.stream().map(YourClass::getBooleanMember).forEach(b -> result.setValue(result.getValue() && b));

If you don't have this dependency, you can make your own wrapper.

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