For instance:

$array = ["a", "b", "c", "a", "a"];

I want to remove all "a" elements to get output:

$array = ["b", "c"];

Should also work for ints and floats.Thanks guys!


Use array_diff as defined below. You need make removed value as array and use simply the array diff to get the desired result.

$array = ["a", "b", "c", "a", "a"];

$arr = array_diff($array, array("a"));

print_r($arr); //Array ( [1] => b [2] => c )

Try this, It will work for ints, floats and strings..

$array = [1, "b", "c", 1, "a"];

foreach (array_keys($array,1) as $key) ////array_key return matched keys
   unset($array[$key]); ///remove value with key


This will give you :

    [1] => b
    [2] => c
    [4] => a

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