I want to change header of datagrid1 when changing the Rows below column of datagrid2 .

it's the code of DataGrid2 column that generates Automaticaly. How can I bind Rows of c1 column to the headers of datagrid 1?

 public class DataGridStructure

        public string NameField { get; set; }
        public string HeaderText { get; set; }

    public List<DataGridStructure> CreateDataTable()

        List<DataGridStructure> dgs = new List<DataGridStructure>();
        dgs.Add(new DataGridStructure() { NameField ="name field1" , HeaderText = "Header1" });
        dgs.Add(new DataGridStructure() { NameField = "name field2", HeaderText = "Header2" });
        dgs.Add(new DataGridStructure() { NameField = "name field3", HeaderText = "Header3" });
        dgs.Add(new DataGridStructure() { NameField = "name field4", HeaderText = "Header4" });  
         return dgs;


    private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        DataGridTextColumn c1 = new DataGridTextColumn();
        c1.Header = "name Field";
        c1.Binding = new Binding("NameField");

            DataGridTextColumn c2 = new DataGridTextColumn();
        c2.Header = ""Header Text;
        c2.Binding = new Binding("HeaderText");
        c2.IsReadOnly = true;
 dataGrid2.ItemsSource = CreateDataTable();

its design code of datagrid1 that Bind to the DataBase:


                                          RowHeaderWidth="30" Name="datagrid1"
                                          IsReadOnly="True" >
                                            <DataGridTextColumn  Width="100"  Binding="{Binding Path=Turn}"   FontSize="14" FontWeight="bold" />
                                            <DataGridTextColumn  Width="100"  Binding="{Binding Path=Name}"   FontSize="14" FontWeight="bold" />
                                            <DataGridTextColumn   Width="100"  Binding="{Binding Path=Date}"   FontSize="14" FontWeight="bold"/>                                              
                                            <DataGridTextColumn  Width="100"  Binding="{Binding Path=Amount}" FontSize="14" FontWeight="bold" />                    

if more information needed please tell me, thanks.

  • Do you mean "How can I bind cells text of c1 column to the headers of datagrid1"? If you assing dataGrid2.ItemsSource from code, and you know that datagrid1 has 4 headers (because you statically define them in xaml) - why don't you want to just assign text to that 4 headers from code from the same button1_Click handler? – Sam May 27 '16 at 10:07
  • @Sam because I want the user itself changes the headers text of datagrid1 through rows of controling datagrid i.e datagrid2. yes U are true, I want Bind cells of c1 column to the headers DG1, please tell me how I can Bind? tnx – samin.hma May 28 '16 at 5:20

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