I have a capistrano task I'd like to run twice during a deploy.

Specifically, I'd like to run a puma phased restart before I start deploying and after assets are compiled (part of capistrano-puma gem). The reason for running the phased restart before is to reduce memory usage to the point where the new asset compilation task (which starts a rails environment) does not cause the server to go into memory swap. We've been doing this manually, but sometimes forget.

If I add this to my deploy file:

before 'deploy:started', "puma:phased-restart"

Then my phased restarts are only run once and puma ends up running out of the wrong release directory.

How can I re-enable a capistrano task and allow it to run twice?

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Very similar to running rake tasks twice, you can re-enable the task:

Just add this to your deploy file

after 'deploy:started', 'reenable_phased_restart'
task :reenable_phased_restart do

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