I am using volley library. I have the following API url http://example.com/project/contriller/ and need to post the json request as body {"function":"getList","parameters":{"latitude":"10.0086575","longitude":"76.3187739"},"token":""}to it.

How can send it using Volley?


Please check below two options for that.


Try to send data in Map variable as below, and put this code just above you are calling request using Post as below.

        Map<String, String> postParam= new HashMap<String, String>();
        postParam.put("function", "getList");
        postParam.put("latitude", "10.0086575");
        postParam.put("token", "");

        new JsonObjectRequest(url, postParam, new Response.Listener<JSONObject>() { ... });


You can use below to send direct JSON.

        final JSONObject jsonData = new JSONObject("{\"function\":\"getList\",\"parameters\":{\"latitude\":\"10.0086575\",\"longitude\":\"76.3187739\"},\"token\":\"\"}");

        new JsonObjectRequest(url, jsonData, new Response.Listener<JSONObject>() { ... });

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