I'm following this guide for multi-checkbox in rails. I am using Rails 3 conventions, so I still have attr_accessible instead of strong parameters. Everything seems to work fine except I get this error:

undefined method `match' for []:Array

userprofile.rb model:

class Userprofile < ActiveRecord::Base

  before_save do
    self.expertise.gsub!(/[\[\]\"]/, "") if attribute_present?("interest")

  attr_accessible :interest, :user_id, :country, :state_prov, :city
  serialize :interest, Array


module UserprofilesHelper
  def checked(area)
      @userprofile.interest.nil? ? false :      @userprofile.interest.match(area)


<h3>Area of Interest</h3>

  <%= label_tag 'interest_physics', 'Physics' %>
  <%= check_box_tag 'userprofile[interest][]', 'Physics', checked("Physics"), id: 'interest_physics' %>

  <%= label_tag 'expertise_maths', 'Maths' %>
  <%= check_box_tag 'userprofile[interest][]', 'Maths', checked("Maths"), id: 'interest_maths' %>

If I remove the checked helper method, then the checkbox value does not persist. I've been trying to fix the undefined method 'match' error. Or find an alternate way to keep the correct checkbox value checked when I edit the form.

Any suggestions would help, thank you!

  • A note on that guide you are using: The top of the guide states that the example you are following is an Anti-Pattern. The guide under "The Right Way" is a much better solution to your problem. – DickieBoy Jun 1 '16 at 15:25

Since Userprofile#interest is an array, it looks like you actually want to use include? in your helper instead of match. So in userprofiles_helper.rb:

  def checked?(area)
    @userprofile.interest.present? && @userprofile.interest.include?(area)
  • This is the right answer. Before this comment, I ended up doing this: <%= label_tag 'interest_development', 'Development' %> <%= check_box_tag 'userprofile[interest][]', 'Development', @userprofile.interest.include?('Development'), id: 'interest_development' %> Which uses include? but was bulky in the code. I just tried adding the checked? method in userprofiles helper and it worked the same. Thank you! – teresa Jun 1 '16 at 17:48

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