So Im reading through the documentation on https://developer.paypal.com/docs/integration/direct/create-billing-plan/ If I understand correctly we create one plan and then the agreement per user. Meaning the plan is not a per user kind of thing.

If the plan is not a per user kind of thing, Is there a paypal page from within paypal where I can actually create the plan? Seems strange that I can only create plans programmatically, unless of course plans are directly associated to the user.

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There's no web inteface within PayPal to create a plan. You can do this only by REST API inteface.

The recurring payment should be created following below steps. Step 1: Create a plan from here

Step 2: Update a plan(Active a Plan) from here

Step 3: Create an agreement under a plan from here

Step 4: Get the response of Step3, get the "links" property, redirect the buyer to the "href" of "links"

Step 5: After buy agree the payment on Step4, excute the agreement from here

Please also refer to the links below regarding billing plan and billing agreement.

  1. Billing Plan
  2. Billing Agreement
  • I've been trying to use that API endpoint but I'm getting "RESOURCE NOT FOUND" "Invalid product id". How could I have a valid product id if the plan hasn't been created yet? Sep 26, 2019 at 22:46

Yes. Try visiting https://sandbox.paypal.com/billing/plans if you are testing and using the GUI you can create both products and plans.

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