This I probably a dumb question but it beats me.

The same thing in Python works perfectly, although in AS3 doesn't.

var s:String = "123456";

Expecting this as array: ['12','34','56']

But instead I get: [,,]

I have experimented various regexr patterns but none split into 2-char batches.

Any ideas / solutions ?

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You're using the split command, which means the string will be divided into an array of values using the regular expression .. to match the delimiters. These delimiters are then not included in the output.

I think you want to do something like s.match(/../g). See also this link for more information about .match

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    Thanks for pointing me, not sure why i was not thinking of actual regx class.
    – Deko
    Commented May 27, 2016 at 5:44

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