I can't find in google answer to my problem. Hope you guys will help me!

This is my sheet:

enter image description here

This is shooting result. You can see here columns with points from 1 to 10 and number of shoots to each region of target.

And now I have to get median to get mean value of one shoot. In this example it should be something like this:


Because we've 3x10, 5x9 and 2x8 shoots. How can I do that automatically?

Hope you guys understand my problem!


Assuming 10 is in B2 and you really want the median rather than the mean then not fully automatically but perhaps a help, in say L3:


Then, to avoid repeating the above, in say L4:


Paste the above as text into say L5 and, in the formula bar, wrap with =MEDIAN( and ).

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