I have created a directive that what does is to basically displays blank inputs to fill in an array of objects. The objects have multiple properties, but here I am only filling the projectname property.

<div ng-repeat="projectStatus in projectStatusList track by $index">
    <label>Project Name {{$index +1}}</label>
    <input ng-model="projectStatusList[$index].projectName" name="projectName_{{$index+1}}" ng-required="isRowRequired($index)">
    <div ng-messages="parentForm['projectName_{{$index+1}}'].$error">
        <div ng-message="required">The project name is required</div>

This directive is being called inside a form which is being passed to it as parentForm. I have already checked and the form is being passed correctly to the directive. My suspicion is that the binding in ng-messages="parentForm['projectName_{{$index+1}}'].$error"is not happening correctly. Whenever I inspect the generated HTML nothing appears inside the ng messages div.

Also, the required property of the field is set dynamically through isRowRequired($index) and this is rendering correctly. The issue is that the input becomes underlined with a red border when empty and required but the messages just dont appear.

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<div ng-messages="parentForm['projectName_' + $index + 1].$error">
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    Be wary of concatenation issues as you're mixing + for two different purposes. I suggest parentForm['projectName_' + ($index + 1)] – Ankh May 27 '16 at 15:29
  • @Ankh solution worked! thanks! – Luis Becerril May 27 '16 at 15:30

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