In a StringTemplate rule I need to check if a certain attribute is available and act upon the outcome:

RuleSempredFunction(r, actions) ::= <<
bool <if (parser)><parser.name><else><lexer.name><endif>::<r.name>Sempred(Ref\<<r.ctxType>\> _localctx, int predicateIndex) {

As you can see the parser attribute is not in the parameter list, which is probably why I get the warning:

context [/LexerFile /Lexer /RuleSempredFunction] 2:10 attribute parser isn't defined

Otherwise the rule works exactly like intended (it's called from /LexerFile /Lexer and /ParserFile /Parser, so once parser is defined and once lexer - from the calling rules). I just would like to get rid of the warning. Any idea?

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