I would like to know if below my need is possible in clearcase :

Say , I have 15 different views (Dynamic or Snapshot) created (from different users/developers), I want get the "config spec" using some kind of cleartool command (Without having to right click on the view and select the configspec from windows context menu).

Finally I would like to store/track all the config spec's from all the developers and apply the continuous integration (Hudson) build on all those config spec's. Yes , it is maintenance project and need to create multiple branches on different views.

Hope my expectation is understandable.


The two commands for accessing/editing a (dynamic or snapshot view) are:

Once you have accessed a config spec, you can save it in a file in order to apply it again to any other view, with cleartool setcs:

cleartool setcs -tag aViewTag /path/to/a/configSpec/file

You can then ask Hudson to reuse those pre-configured views: see Hudson integration with UCM ClearCase (for UCM, but also valid for base ClearCase views).
See the Hudson ClearCase Plugin for more.

alt text


cleartool catcs will get config spec

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