Using Python 3.4, mysql on Mac OS.Already installed mysql, pymysql,mysqlclient-python

import pymysql
import pymysql.cursors
import _mysql

connection = pymysql.connect(host='localhost',user='sth',password ='', db = 'mydb')
query = "INSERT INTO mydb (card, price,color,index1) VALUES ('cardeeef','3.24','B','frsss')"
cur = connection.cursor
results =cur.fetchall()

not sure what else is needed so it knows ".execute"

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    You need to call it - cur = connection.cursor() - note the parenthesis. – alecxe May 27 '16 at 20:35
  • Thank you @alecxe – TestIsFun May 30 '16 at 23:26

In Python, you call functions by giving the identifier with (). Like thi:

cur = connection.cursor()

This is the grammar:

call                 ::=  primary "(" [argument_list [","]
                          | expression genexpr_for] ")"
argument_list        ::=  positional_arguments ["," keyword_arguments]
                            ["," "*" expression] ["," keyword_arguments]
                            ["," "**" expression]
                          | keyword_arguments ["," "*" expression]
                            ["," "**" expression]
                          | "*" expression ["," keyword_arguments] ["," "**" expression]
                          | "**" expression
positional_arguments ::=  expression ("," expression)*
keyword_arguments    ::=  keyword_item ("," keyword_item)*
keyword_item         ::=  identifier "=" expression

You need to set Connection to Cursor method

cur = connection.cursor()

When you create cur = creates a cursor() with an execute() method. Cursor is only what you set the cursor alias to.

You could write, if you wanted to:

Cursor = cursor()
cur = connection.Cursor

From MySQL Cursor Class:

To create a cursor, use the cursor() method of a connection object:

import mysql.connector

cnx = mysql.connector.connect(database='world')
cursor = cnx.cursor()

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