• [x] bug
  • BootstrapUI Version: v0.5.0
  • Bootstrap Framework Version: v3.3.6
  • jQuery: 3.0.0-rc1
  • Platform and Target: Google Chrome, Apache

What you did

App\View namespace App\View;

use Cake\View\View;
use BootstrapUI\View\UIViewTrait;

class AppView extends View
    use UIViewTrait;

     * Initialization hook method.
    public function initialize()
        //render the initializeUI method from the UIViewTrait

controller/create function

$student = $this->Students->newEntity($data['Students']);
if (!$this->Students->save($student)) {
    $isOkay = false;


<?php echo $this->Form->create(null, ['align' => [
   'sm' => [
       'left' => 4,
       'middle' => 8,
       'right' => 12
   'md' => [
       'left' => 2,
       'middle' => 6,
       'right' => 4

], 'id' => 'myform']); ?>

<fieldset id="page-1">
   <legend>Student Profile</legend>

       echo $this->Form->input('Students.name', [
           'label' => 'Full name'

<button class="btn btn-primary" type="submit">Save</button>
<?php echo $this->Form->end(); ?>


public function validationDefault(Validator $validator) {
    - > integer('id') - > allowEmpty('id', 'create');

    - > notEmpty('name', 'Username must input.');

Expected Behavior

I expect I will getting error block beside the field.

Actual Behavior

The error message is missing from page, but I can found it in controller.

Error message

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You need to pass the $student variable from controller to view create.ctp. Also you need to pass $student variable into the form you want to display errors. In you case it will be:

$this->Form->create($student, ['align' => [...

Note: in both case $student variable should be an entity of StudentsTable.php.

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