I want to create an EntityDataModel with Entity Framework 6 but every time I try I get this error:

Your project references an older version of Entity Framework.

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I'm using Visual Studio 2013 and my project is Asp.net 4.5.1 web forms project. this is my web.config file, I deleted some sections of this file in order to solve the problem but all in vain.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
For more information on how to configure your ASP.NET application, please   visit
<!-- For more information on Entity Framework configuration, visit http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=237468 -->
<section name="entityFramework" type="System.Data.Entity.Internal.ConfigFile.EntityFrameworkSection, EntityFramework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" requirePermission="false"/>
For a description of web.config changes see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=235367.

The following attributes can be set on the <httpRuntime> tag.
    <httpRuntime targetFramework="4.5.1" />
<compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.5.1">
<httpRuntime targetFramework="4.5"/>
<customErrors mode="Off"/>
  <!--<compiler language="c#;cs;csharp" extension=".cs" type="Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform.CSharpCodeProvider, Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" warningLevel="4" compilerOptions="/langversion:6 /nowarn:1659;1699;1701" />
  <compiler language="vb;vbs;visualbasic;vbscript" extension=".vb" type="Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform.VBCodeProvider, Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" warningLevel="4" compilerOptions="/langversion:14 /nowarn:41008 /define:_MYTYPE=\&quot;Web\&quot; /optionInfer+" />
<add key="ValidationSettings:UnobtrusiveValidationMode" value="None"/>
<add name="tebimir_db_tebimEntities" connectionString="metadata=res://*/DataAccessLayer.tebimir_db_tebim.csdl|res://*/DataAccessLayer.tebimir_db_tebim.ssdl|res://*/DataAccessLayer.tebimir_db_tebim.msl;provider=System.Data.SqlClient;provider connection string=&quot;data source=tebim.ir,9993;initial catalog=tebimir_db_tebim;persist security info=True;user id=tebimir_dbadmin;password=qwerty*2607548;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;App=EntityFramework&quot;" providerName="System.Data.EntityClient"/>
 <add name="tebimir_db_tebimEntities_plain" connectionString="data source=,9993;initial catalog=tebimir_db_tebim;persist security info=True;user id=tebimir_dbadmin;password=qwerty*2607548;"/>
    <add value="index.aspx"/>
 <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false"/>
<defaultConnectionFactory type="System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.LocalDbConnectionFactory, EntityFramework">
    <parameter value="mssqllocaldb"/>
  <provider invariantName="System.Data.SqlClient" type="System.Data.Entity.SqlServer.SqlProviderServices, EntityFramework.SqlServer"/>
  • Lets have look at this link. It may solve your problem. – Tuks May 28 '16 at 10:38
  • thank you but it is not really related to my question. – Ali.Rashidi May 28 '16 at 10:41
  • is there a problem with my account or something? all my questions never get more than 10 visitors. stack overflow is really a bad site – Ali.Rashidi May 28 '16 at 10:43

Try updating Entity Framework using NuGet Before adding the model, follow these steps

  1. Right click on your project in VS Solution explorer and select 'Manage NuGet packages'

  2. Select EntityFramework ad Click update.

  3. Now add the Entity Data Model.

  • I did, i uninstalled the EF, reinstalled it. but nothing changed – Ali.Rashidi May 28 '16 at 10:28
  • its version is 6.1.3 – Ali.Rashidi May 28 '16 at 10:28
  • how can I install entityframework 6 ? i have installed it using nuget, is there any other extra things to do? – Ali.Rashidi May 28 '16 at 10:30
  • Nice answer!!!! – KyloRen Feb 24 '17 at 11:53

I suggest you to uninstall all the entity framework packages and reinstall it from nuget packages. I hope it will help you.

For more information you can use this link.

  • Thanks, I dont use mysql. the given link is about mysql. – Ali.Rashidi May 28 '16 at 10:54

Right Click Solution Explorer => Manage Nuget Package => Install Entity Framework

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