I have a data table done by dc.js and crossfilter.js, and i want to export that table to CSV file..

.group(function(d) { return ""
  function(d) { return d.id; },
  function(d) { return d.name; },
  function(d) { return d.gender; },
  function(d) { return parseFloat(d.GPA).toFixed(2); },
  function(d) { return parseFloat(d.Major_GPA).toFixed(2); },
  function(d) { return parseFloat(d.Math_GPA).toFixed(2); },
  function(d) { return parseFloat(d.English_GPA).toFixed(2); },
  function(d) { return parseFloat(d.Science_GPA).toFixed(2); },
  function(d) { return parseFloat(d.Humanities_GPA).toFixed(2); }
.sortBy(function(d){ return d.id; })

This is a common request, so I've added an example using FileSaver.js. (There are probably other good ways to to a download from the browser, but this is the one I'm familiar with.)


The key is to fetch all the data from the table's dimension using dimension.top(Infinity). Then you can format it using d3.csv.format and download it using your preferred method. Here, FileSaver uses Blobs as the mechanism:

    var blob = new Blob([d3.csv.format(nameDim.top(Infinity))],
                        {type: "text/csv;charset=utf-8"});
    saveAs(blob, 'data.csv');

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