While editing a python file, IDLE is normally changing the color of special python word, change the colors of commented line, and the color of strings. All according to the color-map, (as any code-editor will do).

My problem is that sometimes after I edit the file, this color changing stop working. So commenting (or uncommenting) a line, will leave the line colors as is. (Frustration comment: it is very annoying to find out the BUG you are working on is only due a line that you thought is in a comment but it isn't)

I have two bad solutions to this problem, and I hope to find one good solution.

First bad solution is reopening the file, but it is a very bad solution, cause the color change is essential for ongoing development, and I can't always reopen each file.

My second solution is to stop working with IDLE, this is also bad, cause I like the simplicity of IDLE for quick and simple coding tasks.

This happened to me on a Windows and a Linux machine

[Edited Windows Tk version]

  • Windows python version 2.7.10 and Tk version 8.5.15
  • Linux python version 2.7.11+ and Tk version 8.6.5
  • I (IDLE maintainer) don't remember seeing this or a previous report like this. I hope it is not due to the new tk 8.6.5. Can you make this happen 'on-demand'? It is terribly hard to fix occasional random failures. Python.org distributes 2.7.10/11 with tk 8.5.15. How did you get that python with 8.6.5? Are you running IDLE from icon or console (python -m idlelib.idle)? If the former, try the latter and see if any error messages appear on the console. It would be nice to know if you would see same problem with, say, 3.5 on the same machine. May 30, 2016 at 0:51
  • On thing I have seen with long files (say over 3000 lines) is that there is a noticeable delay in recoloring a file after making an option change (new font, new size, new theme) that requires the text to be rewritten. But even then, the delay is usually less than a second. May 30, 2016 at 0:55
  • 1st comment: I fixed a mistake in my windows TK version, it is 8.5.15, and the problem is the same in win and linux with the 8.6.5. I'll try to make this happen 'on-demand' and if it'll work I will post it here. I'm running it only from icon, I tried now the console line, and there was no error message. currently I'm not using 3.5 at all. 2nd comment: the files I edit are very short never reaching 300 lines, and the problem is in the normal file editing and not in changing some visual preferences.
    – Kings85
    May 30, 2016 at 7:32
  • 1
    Open Calltips is bound to ^\, not ^/. The latter is bound to 'toggle-auto-coloring', which is exactly what you observed. The 'bug' is that this is extremely hard to discover -- no menu entry, no doc entry, no status bar indicator -- just the alphabetical entry in the Keys listing. I opened bugs.python.org/issue27170 to either remedy the deficiencies or remove the option. May 31, 2016 at 20:08
  • 1
    To me, calltips are extremely useful -- a callable signature and line of he docstring. See '2.3. Calltips' in the current doc. They popup automatically if one types function_expession( and waits for the configured delay (default 2 seconds, but I use 0). 'Force open' is used when one has already typed past '(', or is debugging a completed call that caused an exception. May 31, 2016 at 20:14

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In IDLE there is a hidden key combination CTRL-/, that toggles Auto Coloring. Currently there is no way to disable it, for more information see this bugs.python.org/issue27170.

I post this answer after investigation this issue with @terry-jan-reedy in the question comments.

The reason I used CTRL-/ in the first place is because of habit from using PyCharm - which is used for comment a line.

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