I want a query in pouchDB which returns me all entries where property x is between 1 and 5 AND where property z equals 'test'.

I wrote a query which returns me all entries between 1 and 5 but I have no idea how I can extend my query to also consider the equals condition.

var options = {
    include_docs: true,
    startkey: [1],
    endkey: [5]

var query = function (entry) {

database.query(query, options)
    .then(function (result) { /* ... */ })
    .catch(function (err) { /* ... */ });

You could emit the key as:

emit([entry.z, entry.x]);

and then search:


Bear in mind that you cannot execute a query with both parts of the key being constrained by a range. Here is some documentation on searching: http://guide.couchdb.org/draft/views.html

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