I made some elasticsearch query like below and it works well.

  "aggregations" : {
    "agg_sum" : {
      "sum" : {
        "field" : "cnt"
    "bucket_filter": {
        "bucket_selector": {
            "buckets_path": {
              "totalSales": "agg_sum"
            "script": "totalSales >= 10"

It needed to be converted as java api query, but don't know how to convert "buckets_filter". any idea of this?


BucketSelector in java api would be like this:

Map<String, String> bucketsPathsMap = new HashMap<>();
        bucketsPathsMap.put("ags", "agg_sum");
        Script script = new Script("params.ags > 10");

   BucketSelectorPipelineAggregationBuilder bs =
                PipelineAggregatorBuilders.bucketSelector("bucket_filter", bucketsPathsMap, script);

this is probably too late, just for sake of same problem.

  • Thanks, I already made this query in other way tho :) – J.Done Aug 23 '17 at 9:44

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