node version: v4.4.4
npm version: 3.9.2
ionic version (app): 2.0.0-beta.7
amqplib version: 0.4.1

I am currently trying to develop an app using Ionic 2 framework and I have decided to introduce messaging in my app by using RabbitMQ within this library. Feel free to inspect the code here for any further reference.

  1. First of all, I installed the library manually using npm install https://github.com/squaremo/amqp.node.git because the release version from npm is outdated.

  2. After that, I added the Typescript definitions for the library via typings install dt~amqplib --global --save.

  3. I created a new page for my app called Page2 where the library is imported...

    import * as amqp from 'amqplib/callback_api';

    ... and used to connect to the server...

    setConnection() {
        amqp.connect(this.connectionUrl, (err: any, connection: amqp.Connection) => {
            this.connection = connection;
            this.connection.createChannel((err: any, channel: amqp.Channel) => {
                this.channel = channel;
                this.channel.assertExchange(this.exchange, 'topic', { durable: false });
  4. The problem comes when I try to run it (I have done it using both an emulator and a native device running Android). If I try to hit the Set connection button, I get the following error:


The error is linked to the line sock = require('net').connect(sockopts, onConnect); of connect.js file. Is there any trouble with NodeJS Net module in the library or is it a misconfiguration I made somewhere in my app?, thanks in advance.

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There is no nodeJS server in an ionic app that your library can use.

  • Excuse me, could you explain what you mean a little bit better? May 30, 2016 at 9:33

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