I am trying to use xcode free provisioning but I am getting the following problem

enter image description here

I have disabled Remote Notification after getting this problem but it still does not go away.

enter image description here

How to fix this problem

xcode version 7.2 ios version 9+


xcode has created a certificate for me .I could see this in keychain


Delete the certificate from the keychain. Remove your account from the xcode->preference->Accounts. Add your account again. The issue will be resolved. The remote notification feature is not available for free apple developer account.


Here is a shortcut for those who tried the delete certificate way but still not working:

Find your project's projectName.xcodeproj,click "open content",edit "project.pbxproj" with a txt editor :


com.apple.Push = { 
enabled = 1; 


com.apple.Push = { 
enabled = 0; 

Redo the build and this time no error on push : )


To right click on the projectName.xcodeproj -> Show Package Contents -> open the project.pbxproj -> search the "com.apple.Push" -> set enabled = 0

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